Instructional Services

Instructional Services
Instruction from information experts


Librarians work in partnership with your professor to help you develop the academic skills you need to effectively find and use scholarly information. Contact the Reference Desk if you need help at any stage of your research. The library staff may refer you to a specific librarian for an individual consultation.

You can also ask your professor to make arrangements for an instructional librarian to visit your class to discuss the information seeking process for specific assignments.


Librarians can work with you to help your students develop the academic skills required to effectively find and use scholarly information.

Instructional Services Goals:

The GU-Q core curriculum learning outcomes, in the areas of information literacy and research skills, are based on the standards identified by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). With this in mind, our Library goals are as followed:

  1. To ensure that first-year students from diverse backgrounds attain an ‘even playing field’ of basic research skills.
  2. To help improve the depth, quality, and academic integrity of scholarly work created by GU-Q students.
  3. To equip each graduating student with the information literacy and research skills necessary for lifelong learning.

As you plan your courses, contact your library liaison for more information on our instructional services. The Library provides a variety of instructional services to support your professional research needs as well as those of your students'.

With this in mind, the Library can:

  • Teach search strategies and techniques to identify relevant research material.
  • Provide one-on-one research consultations to students.
  • Support and collaborate with faculty to design appropriate library research assignments.
  • Create individualized, course specific research guides geared to your students’ needs.
  • Support and collaborate with faculty to incorporate multimedia resources in your class.

As you plan your courses, contact Tatiana Usova for more information.

Tatiana Usova