Fall Term: Aug. 25 – Dec. 4, 2019
Date Hours
Sunday - Wednesday 8am - 10:45pm
Thursday 8am - 7pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 3pm - 10:45pm
Extended Hours during Study and Exam Days (Dec. 5 – 14, 2019)
Date Hours
Thursday, Dec. 5th 8am - 11:45pm
Friday, Dec. 6th 4pm - 11:45pm
Saturday, Dec. 7th 4pm - 11:45pm
Sunday - Wednesday, Dec. 8th - 11th 8am - 11:45pm
Thursday, Dec.12th 8am - 11:45pm
Friday, Dec. 13th 4pm - 11:45pm
Saturday, Dec. 14th 8am - 1pm
Winter Intersession: Dec. 15, 2019 - Jan. 6, 2020

Due to floor refurbishment, the Library will be closed from Dec. 15 to Jan. 4 inclusive.

Date Hours
Sunday, Dec. 15th - Saturday, Jan. 4th Closed
Sunday, Jan. 5th - Monday, Jan. 6th 9am - 4pm
Reference Desk Hours (during Fall & Spring Term)
Date Hours
Sunday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
About our opening hours

The library maintains shorter hours during Ramadan, semester breaks and holidays as most students and faculty are away.

The library is closed for national holidays, and whenever the university is closed, this includes during Eid holidays, National Day (December 18), Sports Day (the second Tuesday in February) and winter break (usually from December 24 through January 1).

We are also closed the Saturdays adjacent to long holidays for students. This includes days before and after semester breaks and Saturdays falling within or directly adjacent to an Eid or national holiday.