Library Instruction

GUQ librarians offer instructional services to help students develop information literacy and research skills imperative for academic success. The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education guides our practice.

Our librarians work with the Faculty to develop sessions and online support tools relevant to the course. Research proves that library instruction is most effective when integrated into the curriculum and related to a specific class assignment. When planning your course, please communicate with the Personal Librarian to develop a session that best suits your and your students’ needs. Our librarians offer a variety of sessions, such as:

  • Research skills and techniques: formulating research question, determining information need and identifying appropriate sources of information.
  • Access and use of subject specific resources.
  • Evaluation of information sources: primary vs secondary, scholarly vs non-scholarly, critical assessment and identification of the most appropriate resources to meet the research need.
  • Responsible use of information: understanding the concept of intellectual property and what constitutes plagiarism, introduction to citation basics and proper attribution.
  • Organization of information: importing, storing, managing and sharing references in Refworks.
  • Presentation tools and data visualization.

The library session can be planned for 30 - 90 minutes and should be booked no less than 2 weeks in advance by contacting your personal librarian. To facilitate the learning, librarians can create online course guide geared to your students’ needs. Let’s work together to support student learning.

Library Orientation Tours

Any individual or group wishing an introduction to the library, to our rich collections and services may request a tour. Please send your request via Ask Us page.