Assistive Technology

General Information

In partnership with the Office of Academic Services and Mada, the Qatar Assistive Technology Center the Library provides equipment and software designed specifically for learners who are visually or hearing impaired.

There is a text-to-speech workstation and image magnifier available for use in the room.

The room can be accessed by reserving it with the Media / Adaptive Technology Room Booking Form.

The location is inside the library, room 0B09, ask at the Service Desk for more information.


The Text-to-Speech equipment scans and then reads text out-loud at variable speeds. Headphones are available to ensure comfortable listening and privacy.

Text-to-Speech Workstation

Text-to-Speech Workstation

Image Magnifier

The Image Magnifier enlarges difficult to read text. The text or an image can be placed on the table and offers multiple magnification settings.

Image Magnifier Workstation

Image Magnifier Workstation